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30 Ways To Blow It With A Filipina

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List of 32 ways to not blow it with a Filipina

1. By assuming she wouldn’t be interested

2. By being afraid By believing the stereotypes

3. By not making the effort By not “separating yourself” in your profile

4. By revealing too much too soon

5. By not revealing enough

6. By bragging

7. By not moving quick enough to doing webcams

8. By being uncomfortable asking and answering tough questions

9. By lingering too long in the safe zone (being hesitant to get serious)

10. By not being willing to focus on one Filipina

11. By moving too fast

12. By being too busy

13. By giving up too easily

14. By not wearing decent clothes

15. By talking too much about past relationships

16. By having dirty fingernails

17. By being too needy

18. By being clingy, not allowing her enough space

19. By demanding she cut off all other guys

20. By raising your voice a lot

21. By striking her

22. By treating her like a sex object

23. By refusing to eat Filipino food

24. By being caught in a lie

25. By not allowing her to chat with your family or friends

26. By inconsistent communication

27. By communicating with other Filipinas if she is against it

28. By telling jokes involving sex

29. By losing your temper

30. By making disparaging remarks about the Philippines- poverty, money to Philippines, etc.

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