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5 Benefits of your Filipina Working In The PHILIPPINES

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Are there any benefits to your Filipina working in the Philippines? Working for six to eight dollars a day? I’m serious. I am under the weather today but that isn’t affecting my mind. I think it is normal and easy for a western man to tell a Filipina he is dating or even has married that she should quit her job because she is not earning much money and in fact, he can and is willing to send her a lot more to not work. I’d like to address this today. I think it is a salient question to ask: Are there benefits to your Filipina working IN the Philippines?

Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for relationship help with a foreign woman, in my case, I have been married to a Filipina, a woman from the Philippines for four years and ten months. I have tried to put myself in her shoes and try to understand her background because I know that coming from a different culture than mine (I have been in the United States all my life), she will have different impressions than mine. Come on over to the Word Press Blog created for the channel by MrE, the link is in the description box.

I saw a comment on someone from another blog and immediately it resonated with me. It was about westerners wanting their Filipinas to quit working in the Philippines because they aren’t making much. Depending where she works, ten dollars a day would be considered a real good wage, with many, perhaps most, making half that. I can relate to that since I married a Filipina. This topic deserves a look at.

My wife immigrated to America eight months after we married in the Philippines. She was a teacher there but stopped working to focus on our relationship. I did not ask her to do this, in fact, I don’t even know what she earned. I did tell her that I would do my best to meet her needs. She has always maintained a desire to work at something to provide for her family despite the fact I can help them and love to be of help. She doesn’t want me to do all the providing however. I think it is important to consider why she might benefit by working in the Philippines. As always, I want to hear your comments. I prefer if possible, to have topics that are not overused and I think this qualifies.

What are the benefits for her working in the Philippines even if she does not make a lot?

1 Developing and maintaining relationships-I have worked for nearly 40 years here so I know the value of having friends and acquaintances in the work force. It enhances her life to get to know people and to see them at work. I can’t be all things to my wife so having other women around is a good thing for her.

2 Learning to deal with difficult people-Working will expose her to some difficult people as well, which while uncomfortable, helps her to know how to deal with that conflict. Hopefully that is something that carries over into marriage.

3 Personal satisfaction-I am sure my wife derived satisfaction from being a teacher. She has had a lot of ideas for working in the Philippines. It’s only natural for her husband to think to himself “but why would she need to work when I can take care of that?” If we can find the right kind of work for her (I will explain in just a little bit), it may help her to have a more positive experience when we retire in the Philippines.

4 Knowing SHE is directly providing support for her family-I emphasize “she” here because while I might feel that all is well if I help her family to a high degree, my wife doesn’t want it that way. She wants to help. She is the eldest child. She feels a ton of responsibility to provide. I am sure she appreciates how I have helped but the fact remains she wants to help herself. She also doesn’t want to give anyone the impression she is relying on me solely for family help.

5 Responsibility-I tend to believe that most employment is routine and eventually becomes a bit of a grind. You just need to go to work each day and do your best. There are rules to follow, there is a delegation of authority. You need to be punctual. I feel like I have personally grown up a lot having spent more than two-thirds of my life at the same company.

I think one can become lazy if they aren’t working. I think it is rewarding to simply know you did the job well. One of these days we hope to retire in the Philippines and I don’t think it would be good for both of us to have nothing to strive to attain, nothing to keep us focused and interested and engaged. For me I hope it is at least this YouTube channel.

Cautions-This does not mean that I want her slaving away working ten to twelve hours a day for little money. That would mean that we wouldn’t see each other much and I do not want that. I would not want her to work at something that was very physically demanding or where the conditions were poor. I do want her to use her God-given skills and abilities and mentality to do the things that she is meant to do. She was not made with certain skills and bents only to have them go to waste by marrying a westerner.

She is a hard worker. She has worked full-time here in America since maybe midway through 2016. She started as a temp then got full-time work. She has worked up to sixty hours a week. All this despite me working six days a week whenever I can. For anyone assuming she is living on easy street with me, she is pulling her own weight. I left whether she would work or not up to her and she wanted to do something. For those believing I am responsible for all of “The House that Aiza Built” in the Philippines, guess again. She is responsible for 75 percent of the payment for it, after I made the down payment. She is paying a lot more than we are for our house here in America. Her car payment dwarfs mine. In time she will have these paid off but she wanted to work with something to motivate her to keep working. She wants to find something to do when in the Philippines at our retirement.

Something that I am encouraging is to get a real estate license and sell property there. She has an affinity for that, she is bright, she even has a little experience but I want to make her as marketable as possible. Whatever education she would need I want her to get. She could make a five percent commission and could do it on her own time and for long after I die and it wouldn’t need to be a back-breaking, physically demanding job.

Many Filipinas find satisfaction in earning some money. I am no different with my Love Beyond The Sea.

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