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A Good Filipina is a Great Home Security System-Product Review

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Do you have a home security system? I never have, but awhile back my wife witnessed someone trying to break into a garage two houses down the block when she was going to work. He took off when he heard her close the garage door when she thought she better close it because my mother was home inside. After that we have been thinking about getting a home security system.

You can spend a lot of money on that but there are much cheaper ways to get what you need. Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea. In this video I will do a product review of a top-rated home security system called a good Filipina wife! Leave comments, get notifications and please share these videos with someone who might be thinking about finding love beyond the sea. I will review the benefits and talk a little about the maintenance needed on this kind of home security system.

A video surveillance system is one way to protect yourself, even a fake camera can keep an intruder away. As I thought about my years, decades of being single and alone, and seeing the erosion of marriage in America, it made me think about another way to secure the home, a way that has worked for many men all over the world, and that is by marrying a Filipina! A camera security system can protect your house, but many of us have experienced how a Filipina wife can be a great way to protect your home.

That is your place of refuge, your place to go for peace, for comfort, and not just the absence of drama, but for a companion to build a life around. You go to work every day to meet physical and practical needs but you want to come home to an environment that will meet your emotional and relational needs. That is when life is at its best as far as I am concerned. Many men own their own house, but it seems hollow without someone there, it’s just a place to be when you’re not at work. With a good Filipina wife, you will have a home protected against all kinds of intruders.

I realize there is no insurance against divorce. Divorce has become so common and easily accessible that many homes have been ravaged. I believe that divorce is an extremely ruinous situation. The pain lingers. Yet, we are designed with a built-in need for companionship of the most intimate kind, which is achieved in marriage. Here are some intruders into home security:

Loneliness-A house can be a place to simply return to work from, but I have found that with my Filipina wife, it is a place I want to be at, a place with companionship. We like to listen to our favorite songs, we purchased a karaoke setup, we watch shows she likes on television, we communicate with her family and we talk about our future together. Loneliness is like coming home to a house with no furniture, no nothing, just four walls. I feel protected from that because my home security system is interactive and adaptable. I can take it anywhere and feel safe and secure.

Insignificance-I’ve always liked where I’ve lived but something was always missing. I would come home from work, where I have to be, then the feeling of doing something important stopped. I would look out the window and see couples together and realize that there was more to life than working and sitting at home. I involved myself in other things, but the loneliness and emptiness tended to short circuit those endeavors.

Boredom-I can say that since I married my dream Filipina I have not sensed boredom. I wish I could live for a hundred more years with my Amazing Aiza. There was once a time in my life I decided I simply would not take any more vacations because I thought it would do more harm than good. Being home alone was damaging to my emotional health. If I remember right, one time I felt that way, I had to have back surgery and was home for seven weeks, and another time things got so slow at work I decided to take off a whole bunch of Fridays to minimize the pain of being home. Today, this is home sweet home to me. Our pictures on the wall and the way my wife decorates her nest gives me great satisfaction.

Hopelessness-A long-time single like I was can come home and their world seems to stop. They hear the silence, or they try to drown out the silence with music, television or the internet. Hopefully not drugs. You wonder if it will always be this way. Where can I find a good woman that I still know I need? For me it was the international dating site called Christian Filipina. Really, most of my future hopes and dreams involve my wife, but that gives me the significance I lacked in the first bullet point.

Temptation-Here I am referring to sexual temptation. For some, not having a wife is excruciating. Some seem like they don’t understand that. I don’t know if they weren’t being honest with me but sometimes, I felt they thought there was something wrong with me because I felt like I was suffering without physical intimacy. If you have seen a lot of my videos you know that I believe sex is a need (for almost all people) and God gave marriage to be the only place for that need to be met, for good reasons. A guy can do all kinds of stupid and dangerous things when he is starving for this kind of intimacy. All of this was completely eliminated when I married my home security system.

Divorce-I don’t have any statistics on interracial divorce rates or how foreigners and Filipinas fare, but I would be very surprised if a Filipina wasn’t a very low risk-IF her husband chooses wisely, not looking for looks at the expense of character. If he adjusts himself to the culture of the Philippines, and that includes helping the family financially, from my experience I believe that a Filipina is more than likely going to be less demanding, more accepting, and more appreciative than others.

Many men like myself, have had no success in their own country for a multitude of reasons we can’t get into here, but they seem to be doing quite well with a Filipina. I am not suggesting that the Filipinas are not discriminating and “settle”. What a woman in America is looking for is different than what a woman in the Philippines is looking for. The needs are not the same. If commitment and not being materialistic are important to you, you very well may stand a better chance with a Filipina wife. It may be in my case, that what I could offer my Filipina wife would simply not be appreciated the same as a woman from here in America. I’m the same guy that was invisible for years. Maybe some of us are just better suited for a foreign wife?

There really isn’t a cheap way to go about securing this kind of home security. These days the best home security system might need to be imported, from the Philippines or wherever Filipinas can be found. They cost more but are worth it, you get what you pay for remember? Plane flights, condos, food, wedding, immigration, another flight, green card, more paperwork. It can’t be purchased all at once, it needs to be paid in installments. I had to go to Davao City Philippines to pick up mine and now I live in a home furnished with love, commitment, trust and comfort. Like I tell my wife-together is my favorite place to be.

I have witnessed it in other men married to a Filipina or an Asian woman, I can tell by the comfort level they exude when I am at their house with their family. They seem like they are safe from the dangers around them. They seem content, unconcerned about the dangers around them because they married a Filipina.

This home security system is something you can take with you wherever you go. You can take it on vacation with you anywhere in the world and still reap all the benefits you have at the place your mail is delivered. My home security system was manufactured in Davao City Philippines, where we visit now and then to give it a little tune up, as it isn’t always easy to be my home security system.

There is some maintenance required, but even that is good for you and well worth the effort. Hugs, kisses, going on dates, kind words, and now and then some remittances sent to the manufacturer are needed for proper maintenance if you want your home security system to be operating at peak efficiency.

As for insurance, the daily premiums of commitment, encouragement, support, unselfishness and sacrifice will keep this home security system operating at peak efficiency as long as you live! I certainly feel safe here with my Love Beyond The Sea.

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