Do Filipinas Talk Less than Other Women? (not Tampo)

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There are many qualities of Filipinas that make them very sought after by western men, I should know because I tried to find a wife in the Philippines, and was finally able to become a married man. Beauty, femininity, love of family, caring, loyal, having traditional values have all been prized by foreign men, but there is one quality you may not have thought about, that maybe should be added to this list. It is not a quality that I possess. Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for help for foreign men who look for and marry Filipinas. Go ahead and leave a comment, and don’t forget to get notifications for upcoming videos and click ADD to complete that process. Check out the description box for where you can get my podcasts called Casting Beyond The Sea. When the Philippines opens again for tourism, I want you to be prepared to meet the love of your life.

It may even be that with a large age gap she might, might feel like she doesn’t have much in common with the westerner and isn’t comfortable yet talking to him about a lot of things. She might feel that if he is much older, he is a lot wiser and she doesn’t have much to contribute to certain discussions.

My impression from being married to my Filipina wife since May 10 of 2015 and from observing other couples and reading about more, is that generally, a Filipina wife is not characterized as being someone who talks too much. She might be more likely to be accused of singing too much, before talking too much. For a lot of men, this would be a dream come true. I don’t think this applies to her being in the company of other Filipinas, because I notice they tend to have a great time chatting with each other.

I am not even going to bother to try to prove this scientifically since I doubt anyone is likely to dispute women tend to talk more than men. My wife is not a big talker. This is normally seen as a virtue among men. My wife says she doesn’t like that I talk so much, and I appreciate her honesty. She says the same about other men she knows that I think talk more than I do. I will always want to talk on the job if given the chance, but I am just fine working by myself too.

I love the sound of my wife’s voice. I love listening to her chirping her favorites songs anywhere she is and singing to karaoke. I learned early on that she is unlike me in this way. When I came home from work, I was ready to disclose all that happened to me, but my wife is different. 9 times out of 10, when I ask her how her day was, her reply will be “good” or “okay”. That leads to a follow up question such as “what was good about it?”. Can anyone else relate to this? I think she is more talkative when we are in the Philippines and around her family and friends. To a degree that is to be expected.

Maybe she feels there isn’t as much to talk about with me since we got married so soon and there wasn’t the usual buildup of getting to know each other. She surely is familiar with and comfortable around her family, but I think she is naturally not too talkative. I should point out that I know one woman who talks even less than my wife, and she is also from a different country and culture, so maybe that has something to do with it.

There have been times she had a bad day at work, and I don’t even remember how I could tell, but something wasn’t right, but she didn’t volunteer what it was about. When she did tell me, I sprang into action. I like that she isn’t a chatterbox, but I don’t mind her opening up and telling me everything that happened to upset her. I think it is possible she would hold back some personal thoughts even around her family. My wife is on the private side.

I would like to hear from others about this. I would not be surprised that Filipinas generally were less talkative that American women, where I am from. I don’t know if this is something acquired from the culture of the Philippines, where confrontation tends to be avoided, or if perhaps a Filipina, if she is with a foreigner, holds back a bit to make her man thinks she is capable, I don’t know. For sure, if there is something very important that we need to discuss, then I need to supportively tell her that we need to give it some serious thought. I think if we had children my wife would talk a lot more.

In public, at work for example, my wife enjoys chatting with people she likes to be with, but that needs to be earned in a sense.

If I recall, it wasn’t until we were together after she got her visa, that I realized that it was quieter around the house than I might have expected. While we were dating online and waiting out the visa process, we talked as much as we could. It is understandable that if a Filipina is less talkative, that she might revert to the norm after she is with you every day. You won’t have to cram all your daily communication in a small window like before.

I will add this caution. If it is true that a Filipina wife might be less talkative than someone else, it is important to me that the majority of words spoken are positive and not negative or critical. If a lot of the time she speaks and it is a complaint, that would make her husband wish she talked even less, but then that wouldn’t be good for the relationship.

As if you needed another one, this may be another fine quality in your love beyond the sea!

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