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Filipina Appreciation Month An Idea For You (do for your wife)

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Make a list of 30 things that you love and/or appreciate about her. Write them on separate sticky notes, and leave one somewhere in the house every day for an entire month. Here are some ideas from my own personal experience.

My lover-My friend-My confidant-My answer to prayer-A pleasure to serve her-A pleasure to sacrifice for her-Her cooking-Her housekeeping-Her work ethic-That she is thrifty-Beliefs we share-Her ambition-Her love for her family-Her attractiveness-Her intelligence-Her unconditional love-She is responsible-She loves my family-Her listening ear-Support for my channel-For travel companion-Her faithfulness-Her companionship-Her selflessness-She dresses modestly-She makes me a better man-She likes my friends-Her hand in marriage-She hates gossip-Sleeping with her closely-Her hospitality-She keeps our arguments private-Her skills that I don’t have-She completes me-Her strength-of character-Her taste in clothes for me-Her love for my family.

You can also tell her these things, one a day, for a month, so she can look forward to hearing them. Please check out the link called 50 ways to inspire your wife and see if there are some other ideas you can use.

A woman that you appreciate and show it, will stay with you. So many men seem scared to death that a woman from another country will leave them. Well don’t let her! I will give you many practical ideas for how to have an enduring marriage with any woman really, not just one from the Philippines. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by inspiring your love beyond the sea.

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