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Finding Mutually Satisfying Activity with Your Filipina

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People always bring up the idea that when a foreigner marries a Filipina, they have nothing in common and therefore cannot possibly have a good marriage. Even if they had nothing in common, that doesn’t mean they can’t be interested in similar things and find ways to share it together. Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for helpful advice I have learned from being married to my Filipina for over six years. You can get notifications for upcoming videos also, and comments are welcomed.

Having things to do together is absolutely vital to having a sustained relationship with a Filipina. If the man likes to do things outdoors, it is possible the Filipina would like to join him, although she probably wouldn’t like cold weather. A mutually enjoyable activity could be as simple as watching Netflix to see a movie you both agreed to. It is crucial to have mutually enjoyable activity with no matter the country your wife comes from. I’m just acknowledging that from thousands of miles away, a Filipina might be used to a fairly different kind of life.

Since I worked six days a week and was single for so long, I didn’t have much I could share with her when she arrived other than lifting weights which she doesn’t do. Maybe she will someday. I would ask your Filipina after she gets her visa, what are things she likes to do already, and what are some new things she’d like to do. Being married for over six years now, I have a much better idea of her interests than at the start of our whirlwind quick marriage.

My wife likes plays so we went to a center for performing arts and saw a fairy tale play which to me was very impressive. I couldn’t believe how skilled the performers were and how well choreographed everything was. We also saw another similar play at an outdoor theater, I think it was The Little Mermaid. We went to Branson Missouri and saw a spectacular play called Moses and saw John Michael Montgomery perform while there. My wife likes Casting Crowns and lo and behold they were going to be in town so we got tickets to that and sat close to the stage.

Watching theatrical productions wasn’t something I was interested in, but since my wife was, I wanted to share the experience with her, even if I ended up not liking it. In the future another trip to Branson is a possibility, it is a seven-hour drive from here. My wife even drove almost all the way back as she had recently received her license.
I do like watching movies with her on television. Usually those are love stories, action movies or mysteries. Do you know your wife or girlfriend’s favorite actors? A couple of nights ago I told her about ten minutes after we had said goodnight, that I figured out why someone in a move we watched that night did something. We like to talk about stuff like that sometimes. My wife is going to school now and there are some things I can help her with regarding studying but the math stuff is way out of my league. Helping her in any way I can is good for both of us.

She saw the old classic featuring Mount Rushmore on television called North by Northwest with Cary Grant and wanted to see Mount Rushmore which we did last year. I thought I would hate driving around and always told her I’d rather fly but she insisted driving was better because you can see more and even get out to stop. As usual, My Aiza is right. We’ve driven around quite a bit the last two years.

You may often hear people say that you can’t possibly have anything in common with a Filipina, especially if she is much younger. Who would deny that? So, find things you have in common or decide to try some things that maybe the two of you would enjoy. Despite an age gap and a different culture, search for activities you can share with your love beyond the sea.

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