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Hitting The Male Wall-The West vs The Philippines: Part 1 and 2

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Does the Male Wall exist? There is some correlation to age and the ability of not being able to find a wife in your desired age range.

It is now much harder for older men to get filipinas and they must work harder to overcome this stereotypical perception of westerners, it will only get worse! This goes for both marriage-minded men and players; as a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. While I'm not saying that it is impossible for say someone like you to land a 21 and younger filipina; it does require a lot of work and more often than not failure will be a common occurrence as many older men don't realize how much work it actually is and get blinded by her youthfulness.

This is how older men over there get fleeced as they overlook warning signs and only focus on her beauty and fertility! If you think you are just going to walk in and have your pick of the litter, think again! I would go so far to say; that anything above a 6 in the Philippines is off-limits to older foreigners and your average younger foreigner.

These types of filipinas can only be accessed by social circle as they have no need to be doing online dating or going to nightclubs as they have plenty of suitors via their social circle! You have to temper your expectations. It is perfectly reasonable to believe that you will land a 25+ filipina; as both from a local and foreigner perspective they are less desirable. Thus, less competition for you. Ever hear the Chinese term Sheng Nu or the much more humorous Japanese term "Christmas cake girl", these terms prove my point to the perception of how Asians view women over 25+ and how they are no-good, this goes for the Philippines as well.

While this may come across as rude and it is not my intention. Most foreigners are left fighting for scraps as the local playboys have first dibs and put the hottest women on lock. To think otherwise is delusion! No old man will ever have chance with these women as they have too many options! But you are probably asking what does this have to do with the male wall? It has everything to do with it; men need to take a cold shower and be realistic about their expectations; the likelihood of you even having a loving relationship with a 6+ 18-23 filipina is an illusion, as for them they have far too many options from young foreigners and locals. Thus, older men are out of the running. While it is important to be exceptional and try and take care of yourself and do all the things the red-pill says for you to do.

Realistically; it is fantasy and coping! Men need to realize that they have an expiration date too, where they will become invisible to younger women, both foreign and domestic. The overall story is the "male wall" does exist, it is important to warn young guys not to fall for the meme of "Just lift bro" and to "make bank and learn game" as you will be very disappointed with the results if you wait around till late 30's early 40's to settle down. As every year you age it gets harder to find a quality woman to start a family with; as smarter men lock those women down as soon as possible (while you’re too busy with your notch count) and new men are entering the SMP and you are getting older to boot!

So, the advice is to start looking for a wife in your late 20's early 30's if you want to settle down as you are both in your physical prime and your earning potential is just starting to take-off.

You can find love at any age, but if want a particular demographic it needed to be done yesterday! A 70 year old man can get with late 30's filipina and be just as happy, but the likelihood of having a healthy family is diminished. The thing is depending on your genetic makeup you might age more gracefully or you might hit the wall sooner either buying you more or less time.

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