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How to Earn Your Filipina Wife's Respect: Part 2

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1. Be a spiritual leader-talk about roles. Read the Bible to her, pray with her, pray for her family with her. Ask how her family is doing so you can pray for them.

2. Go to church even when she can’t with you. This shows her you want to lead her spiritually.

3. Be open to her wanting to attend a different church.

4. Don’t feel embarrassed you married a younger woman from the Philippines. She just wants you to be her husband.

5. Encourage her to get to know other women at your church. She needs the spiritual help and companionship.

6. Encourage her to make friends outside the church.

7. Attend a marriage conference.

8. You are in the position of spiritual head and are in a position to influence. You can do this by being unselfish, forgiving, and being Christ-like which is to be a servant-leader.

9. Try to defer to her as much as possible, but you are the “tie-breaker”. For vacations for example, we’ll go where she wants to go.

10. Treat her as a queen.

11. Put her needs and wants above your own.

12. Try to eat some Filipino foods if she wants to cook them.

13. Find common interests or develop them-travel, sporting events (TV mostly). My wife likes plays like musical plays and I have taken her to a few and enjoyed them myself.

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