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How to Earn Your Filipina Wife's Respect: Part 3

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Try to do things she likes to do

Apologize readily

Avoid profanity and raising your voice

Let her buy new clothes for herself

Let her buy accessories like a watch and purse

Show her your finances-budget, checkbooks, etc. how it works

Teach her how to write checks and how to use a credit card

Give her access to your accounts because they are now for both of you

Trust her with financial things and always get her opinion

Advise but give her the freedom to make decisions.

She will mature faster this way.

Don’t put down the Philippines

Don’t remind her you are from America or wherever first world country you are from

Teach her how to mow the lawn

Don’t expect her to show PDA, be happy with what you get

Let her decorate your place Let her make recommendations on your clothes or appearance.

My wife even trims my beard.

Don’t let Tampo upset you if it happens

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