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How to Earn Your Filipina Wife's Respect: Part 4

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Be glad to see her and try to greet her when she gets home

Aim for transparency-don’t hide phone messages or emails

Be available when she wants you to do something with her at that time

Teach her to drive

Teach her how to eat healthy but try not to be demanding

Always have rice available Encourage her to not overwork

Stick up for her always

Loosen the lids on her water bottles

Send her love songs from YouTube

Go out on dates together

Hygiene-Be clean, smell nice

Say thank you often

Say I love you a lot-in person, text, social media, email

Don’t stare at other women or compare her to them

Build her reputation and appreciate her character

Let her in on your feelings

A lot of non-sexual touch-hair, cheeks, shoulders, back

Take care of your health and hers (Annual physical, vitamins)

Reinforce that she is “#1”

Put her sexual needs first

Compliment her often (hard worker, housekeeping, lover, frugal, appearance)

Get a prescription for Viagra if you need to

Play some Filipino music from YouTube It is ok to have to sacrifice some activities for the good of the marriage

Help around the house like with washing the dishes for example

Tell her you love her multiple times a day

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