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How to Tell a Woman You Love Her

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How to tell a woman you love her. Today I am going to focus on the why and the how; the reason and the way. Have you had the opportunity to do this yet? When was the first time you said these words to a woman? I think for many guys, telling a woman they love her isn’t easy and can make them uncomfortable. Would you agree? If so, I’m going to talk about a few reasons why and most importantly, talk about how to tell a woman you love her.

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I would most certainly think the man who wants to get married and fall in love is someone with a healthy frame of mind and can intuitively tell that having a lifelong partner is a wonderful experience, that I would want to do earlier in life if I could. It’s not that I am unhappy at getting married so late in life, I am super blessed and like I said in a recent video, have found something called purpose in life through being married to my Amazing Aiza. That does not mean that I think it is always the best thing to get married that late in life, that’s how it worked out for me. I would advise to get married as soon as possible.

How to tell a woman you love her. There was a time in my life I wondered if I would ever get the chance and how it would go. Would I embarrass myself? Would the words come out awkwardly? Would she misunderstand me or not feel the same way? I think many can be a little intimidated by telling a woman he loves her, especially for the first time, for several reasons.

1-The consequences. Telling a woman that you love her will cause a chain reaction of emotions and thoughts in her, about her future. When a woman hears “I love you” she will naturally expect to see a serious effort put into the relationship she’s in by the man who made that statement. Saying I love you when you don’t mean it is really shooting yourself in the foot.

2-Are you ready to back it up? Saying “I love you” is something every woman wants to hear, and we all realize that words are meaningless without action. It’s alright to not tell a woman you love her but when you say that you do, you can’t take those words back. I have many videos about demonstrating love to your wife. Please scroll through the growing list of videos and remember that by and large, the concepts I espouse and embrace (pun intended) can be utilized in a marriage to any woman.

3-A third reason for hesitancy saying that you love someone, is being sure that you do. You aren’t going to come back the next day and apologize for telling her you love her but you need to be sure when you tell her those magic words. How do you know when you’re ready to say that? When you believe that you are ready to prove it to her.

You see, telling her you love her is really just the beginning of doing it, of loving her for the rest of her life. You would be expressing that you love her already and you want to be the one to be good to her and take care of her for the rest of your life. That means marriage. I believe that saying you love a woman without having that ring in your pocket to propose to her with is cheap, empty, unwarranted and irresponsible. Yikes, why do I say things like that? It’s moving along alright and then I get super serious. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the part about how to say you love someone soon, that will be less intense. Leave comments of course if you agree or not.

While I might agree that words can be cheap, certain words ought to mean something. Can I get an amen, or at least a thumbs up? Women (I know some are watching), when a man says those words you long to hear, what’s next? Aren’t you inclined to want something tangible like a ring on your finger? It could be just me, but after “I love you” should come something else. To me it feels incomplete otherwise.

I think it’s possible to say “I love you” merely to use a placeholder until someone better comes around, which isn’t good. That would be non-comital. If you’re pretty, of course guys will like you, might say they love you. I’d ask them to prove it, well maybe not in those exact words. What I’m saying is to not cross off all the other names on your mental list of guys just because someone told you they loved you.

The best time to tell a woman you love her is when you are sure that you want to put yourself in the position of being responsible to meet this woman’s needs-physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, to whatever degree you are able to do, and do it for the rest of your life.

No one can meet all of anyone else’s needs, marriage will surely reveal that, but you would be saying that you want to put her first above all others than God, and take care of her. I believe the man who does this and means it, will not have to complain about unmet needs. Again, no one can meet them all perfectly all the time, but having this kind of attitude towards a woman will result in the best life you can have unless you have pledged your love to the wrong person.

My wife and I agreed to not say we loved each other until we had met in person. I made a commitment to her, reaffirming her I loved her on the 54th day of our relationship, in front of a hundred or so people including her family as witnesses, which was the day we got married. Yes, it was super-fast, but that didn’t mean I didn’t love her and wasn’t committed to her. I proved it by marrying her soon after telling her how I felt about her.

Like the Bible says, be kind, patient, unselfish, forgive, be considerate, and don’t be controlling will go a long way and regard your spouse as the most important earthly relationship you have. The Holy Spirit will make you the best lover you can be. I certainly am doing better than I did early on.

If you are serious about a woman, it might go something like this if it’s for the first time-Honey, I have grown quite fond of you during all the time we’ve spent together. I have developed strong feelings for you and want us to be together from now on. I think of you so much and want to make your life better. I love you very much! You don’t need to make a long speech.

If you have known each other for a long time it’s still important to tell her that you love, every day. Let’s not forget to mean it when you say it. Many times, I will say to my wife of five years-Sweetheart, I am so in love with you. I need you so much and I don’t know what I would do without you. You are the best thing that has happened to me and I am so blessed that you are my wife. See, it’s not that hard. You can send texts letting her know you love her and what she means to you.

Before you get to that point, you need to fall in love with someone. You’ll have times you don’t feel quite the same affinity for each other if you have had some kind of spat but that’s normal. If you handle it well, you will recover from those quickly. Saying you love someone is not conditional. I look at it as saying you love them is the same as saying you are going to love them and keep loving them.

Whether it’s with a Filipina or a woman from somewhere else, I hope you have found or are looking for your special someone, even if it’s Love Beyond The Sea.

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