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I'm Bringing Back my Wedding Ring-Keep it Clean

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I wanted to put the sparkle back in our wedding ring so after five years and eight months I returned to the jewelry store I purchased this ring at in 2015. Naturally, that caused me to reflect on that historic day in my life; April 4 of 2015.

To think we are together after "all" that time makes me realize we both made the right decision. The lady that sold me the ring that day told me that she had just recently been broken up by her boyfriend of five years. I don't remember if I had the heart to tell her I was proposing after only 18 days.

The engagement ring itself is supposed to show commitment, but of course it takes more than slipping a ring on a woman's finger to make her believe you care about her. In this video I will reminisce a little bit as I go back through that moment of having my online proposal accepted and running out to buy a ring; something I had wondered could still happen. I hope that one day you will be buying a ring for your love beyond the sea.


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