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Keanu Reeves Praised for Age Appropriate Girlfriend

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This is a video about age gap relationships from someone else's perspective. Links provided in the video. Here are some of my reflections on them.

I am super happy too with an age gap marriage.

Why is this raising the bar? Says who?

Where is it written?

That’s just somebody talking. “A respectable 46” when compared to his 55.

That actually is a big age gap.

Female empowerment? Don’t concern yourself with anybody’s empowerment, just look for a good woman. We have an age gap marriage and while I don’t use the term “female empowerment” I do all I can to give her the best life and opportunities I know how and she appreciates that. She as my wife is my helper and that should be her focus. I don’t think the word “empowerment” has any place here.

They can praise him all they want; he merely has a girlfriend who is nine years younger. “They” deemed it age appropriate. That’s all well and good but that is merely their opinion. And you know what, my acceptance of an age gap marriage is also just my opinion. Societal norms are one thing but that does not make an age gap marriage sinful or immoral. Who are “they” to impose their standards on me? As I’ve pointed out before, my guide is the Bible and there is nothing there to denounce an age gap marriage. There are standards for a marriage in general so that is what I try to teach on Love Beyond The Sea. I agree with her. I tell you what, I am lucky to be my Amazing Aiza’s husband. Is there anything wrong with that? She is a spectacular woman. It wouldn’t surprise me if I am known as Aiza’s husband. That works for me. I think the emphasis needs to be moved away from age to how a couple treats each other and why. I firmly believe, get ready for this, that God is pleased with a marriage that seeks to follow his outline for marriage. If he cared about age then he would say something about it.

Obviously common sense has to prevail, we have to use wisdom, but what is appropriate for one might not be best for another. As you can see, people will always have their opinions on this. I don’t understand this battle between men and women. Who is “the patriarchy?” Why should I care? I needed a wife, I asked my church to pray for a wife, having no idea how exactly it would end up, and I was given a beautiful younger Filipina wife that had not even crossed my mind. That’s where I was led. You too may find yourself being able to choose a younger wife, as an older man. Instead of being concerned with what society thinks, it is better to be concerned about what God and your potential wife thinks.

You have to do what you have to do, even if it’s finding Love Beyond the Sea!

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