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LIVE - Do These Traits in Women Attract You?

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I am going to talk about many traits or distinctions that men find attractive in women according to an article from The article made me reflect back on my own experience searching for someone to marry. I knew what I liked and I really wasn’t interested if others agreed with my taste in women. When you look around you see different strokes for different strokes, which is very helpful since there seems to be plenty of variety out there.

In this live stream on Love Beyond The Sea, I want you to leave a comment about what you think about attraction. Can you relate to the research results? Are you different? How important should these traits be? Sit back and relax and if you have not found a wife yet, perhaps something in this content will be helpful to you.

I found my wife in 2015 in the Philippines and yes, she did “check off some of these boxes” for me. I like to talk about relationship and marriage issues here; I want to make marriage great again. This is a channel for higher Fil-West education, but today, the topic will be more generic.

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