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LIVE - Is a Dad Bod the New 6-Pack? Attractions Women Have

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In tonight’s live stream and in an effort to help men from around the world be attractive to women, I want us to talk about what women actually find attractive in a man. Now while I have usually tried to be healthy and strong, I didn’t see that in the list here. It’s still a good thing to take care of your body, after all, it’s the only one you have. You probably know that women tend to not like a vain man; someone who is really into his body; checking the mirror a lot.

I want to make marriage great again, but I need people to buy into that. I know for a fact there are men in the world who really want to be married, and need to, who have lost confidence that they can actually find someone. However, I think part of that is a limited view of where to look. GWYW stands for go where you’re wanted. This is significant because I went way out of my comfort zone in 2015 by marrying a woman from the Philippines, just short of a 10,000 mile trip; how do you like that? We are still married and continuing to grow closer together and understand each other.

We got married in less than eight weeks too. Ridiculous? Foolish? Well, if there is something that she finds attractive about you and the more the better, the more likely she is to accept your marriage proposal. In fact, pursuing a woman (with patience and trying to understand her) is a very attractive trait don’t you think? I know I do.

There will always be fence sitters and those on the outside looking in who will call you a simp just because you have and want to have qualities that appeal to the opposite sex. You have to ignore them. Let them be. If they are not open to marriage, they are a lost cause. In this live stream tonight, I want to chat with you and see your comments about what attracts a man to a woman. Is it the often expressed 6-pack abs, 6-figure salary, and 6-feet tall? I think that’s a cop out. Tonight, I will read from an article that I will post at the top of the description box and you can see for yourself what women say about what is attractive to them in a man.

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