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Some would answer the question what kind of man does a Filipina fall in love with, with something sarcastic like “the kind who has money”, or “the kind who lives in America”, or maybe even, “the kind who is old and about to die”. That isn’t what I have in mind for this video. Those scenarios depict three situations a guy could be in, but they don’t reveal anything about the type of man a Filipina falls in love with. A Filipina (or anyone seeking to scam someone) is NOT looking for a certain quality about a man’s behavior, they are looking for a situation to take advantage of for their own gain.

I am going to talk about the kind of man a Filipina falls in love with, and wants to marry and take good care of, all the days of her life. Is it even possible? Aren’t all women the same? Narcissistic, jaded, unspiritual, worldly, feministic? Many men seem to think so. I believe it is possible for a Filipina to love a westerner and that includes an age gap, that many men are loving their Filipinas and those women are content and happy to be their wives.

Is it a necessity for the man to be six feet tall? To have six-pack abs? To have a six-figure salary? Does it help if someone calls you “mop head”, in other words, does having a full head of hair make a difference?

The kind who has money”-This makes it sound like a Filipina would be quite happy being with a man who beats her and bosses her around. I mean, as long as he has money, right? Two of her biggest fears are that she will be beaten and controlled like as slave. I think this is a big cop out of an excuse for men who don’t have a lot of means. You can only do so much about your earning potential in life, but there are no limits on the type of man you can become.

Personality matters, your personality. Your outlook on life matters too. If a man comes across as negative, complains a lot, makes excuses, tries to control a woman, or isn’t interested in meeting her physical needs then that man is going to spend the rest of his life alone…even if he is married.

There is nothing wrong about having a lot of money. The Bible says the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. It leads to all kinds of sinful deeds. Greed for money is sinful. The Bible does not say that it is sinful to be rich. God made Solomon rich. In his time, he may have been the wisest AND wealthiest man alive. Interestingly, his money didn’t have a part in his downfall, it was that he married the type of women (yes plural) he was commanded not to, and they took over his heart. His money didn’t keep his marriages together and the women weren’t gold diggers either. I doubt they had much of a choice to marry a man with 700 wives and 300 concubines.

There are men with a lot of wealth who treat their women like dirt. I doubt the women are overwhelmed with the thought of his assets as he roughs them up. A woman who falls for a man just because he is wealthy is being foolish. Filipinas have heard the stories of women getting abused by their wealthy husbands. I don’t think they are eager to be the next in line. I don’t think a Filipina marries a man simply because he is rich. I don’t think she falls in love with him either. She falls in love with who he is, not what he has. What he has is not going to satisfy her.

While you are dating, you should try to discern if she is looking to marry a type of man, or a man with a type of bank account. A Filipina will likely be looking for a foreigner to help her and her family. That is something you’ll just need to accept; a good Filipina wife is worth it even if she is sending a lot of money home. A good Filipina candidate to marry is probably more interested in her own ability to work for her family, than in your ability to provide for her family.

She considers it her responsibility, not her husband’s. She pretty much is obligated to help too; there is family pressure and she knows it. An exception I can see is if the two of you have a family together with children. Then she can say that this new family unit comes first, and mean it.

My wife is planning on starting college here to get a two-year business degree. She is helping us out more financially these days. A Filipina can fall in love with a man who is generous in helping with money, helping with acts of kindness, generous with positivity. I think being generous is more appealing to a Filipina than a man who is “rich”. That’s my opinion, let me know how you feel about it.

The kind who lives in America” – For one thing, she will be flying a very long way from everything and everyone she has ever known, and that is difficult. Intense homesickness happens for a reason. Filipinas are resilient and adaptable, but she is making the kind of move I would think most men would not want to do. Yes, she might be going to a “first world country” but when family is so important to you, and you are away from them for perhaps the first time, this is a major challenge.

The winters here will be a shock to her system. She may find the people not as likeable, rude and always in a hurry. She will find out how expensive it is to live here. My wife is always shocked to see how much tax is taken out of her paychecks.

We have been together here since 2016 and I don’t think my wife wants to spend the rest of her life here. She wants to enjoy and take advantage of what she can like the schooling and work, but everyone she is closest to other than me, is in the Philippines. Every Filipina is different, but unless she has a family with the westerner, I don’t know why she would stay in his country after he dies. While her new country offers some benefits, they may not be enough to overcome being away from the Philippines. If I can have proper medical care, I would prefer we be in the Philippines; roosters, barking dogs, heat and all.

The kind who is about to die”-Some women will marry a much older man who she knows isn’t likely to live a lot longer, and sure, it would be for his money, but this is not all Filipinas. Only God knows when someone will die. I am 59 and there have already been a lot of people I have known from work who are no longer alive. If she is marrying for love, she will want her husband to be around a long time. It is common for Filipinas to believe that they are only meant to marry one man in their lifetime. Those women will want to make a good choice. Certainly not all Filipinas want to marry a man who is “living on borrowed time.”

If he is 70 and she is 20 for an extreme example, she would be marrying him for her financial future. What about this? While I have a lot to say about age gap relationships being no big deal, there is a point of diminishing returns. How is someone that age going to meet her sexual needs? She has them. Marriage is supposed to accomplish certain things and I don’t want to be too dogmatic tonight, but meeting these needs for each other is a normal component of marriage, or should be. Companionship is something that we all need but we need physical intimacy too.

Is it a good thing to know that someone married you only to get them into a better situation? I don’t think so. She may want a better situation but you want her to marry you because she likes something about you. Here are some characteristics of the type of man any woman would be interested in-

Here is a list of traits that a Filipina will be attracted to:

Affectionate agreeable, ambitious, assertive. Balanced, brave, cautious, cheerful, clean, composed, confident, conscientious, considerate, content, cool-headed, cooperative, cordial, courageous, decisive, delightful, devoted, diligent, dutiful, easy going, energetic, enthusiastic, even-tempered, friendly, funny, generous, gentle, helpful, industrious, inspiring, jovial, joyous, kind, level-headed, mature, mild, modest, motivated, orderly, outgoing, passionate, patient, peaceful, persevering, playful, pleasant, polite, positive, practical, prudent, punctual, realistic, reassuring, reliable, respected, respectful, responsible, sensitive, sensible, sentimental, serious, sincere, spirited, stable, steady, strong, sweet, tactful, thoughtful, tolerant, vigilant, warmhearted, willing, vulnerable, zealous.

These are character traits, and they are attractive ones. They describe the man who can find Love Beyond The Sea.

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