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LIVE With Aiza- What a Filipina Wants In A Westerner 9-16-19

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Questions Asked

Tampo-What is it and how should a westerner handle it?

What is the perception of a western man for a Filipina?

How are westerners different than Filipino men?

How does a Filipina decide which western man to marry?

Does the western man need to be rich?

How important is it to a Filipina for a western man to embrace her family?

Are Filipinas picky?

Do Filipinas care about the way a man dresses himself?

Are Filipinas jealous?

Do most Filipinas desire to leave the Philippines?

Did you think I was going to ask you to marry me?

Why did you accept my marriage proposal so quickly?

A western man might prefer to have options, do Filipina’s prefer him to focus on her?

Other than someone to provide for her, what else is important to a Filipina?

How long would you wait for a western man to visit you for the first time?

Does it matter if a western man already has children?

How important is it to a Filipina to have a baby?

What is your opinion on an age gap marriage?

What was your upper limit for a westerner’s age?

What do you think when a Filipina has no preference for someone’s age range?

Did you prefer a fiancé visa or a spousal visa?

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