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Love Beyond The Sea Hype or Hope?

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This channel, Love Beyond The Sea has been around for over three years. You might not know it by the subscriber count. Frankly, I thought it would be higher by now, and of course, have to ask my self why that is. With so many people complaining good wives are a fairy tale, if you haven’t subscribed, why don’t you subscribe and find out what this is all about. I have podcasts called Casting Beyond The Sea for those of you into podcasts.

I have a message to spread-I want to make marriage great again. One thing I thought about was maybe guys think this is hype and it isn’t going to work for them. Others might think that I am giving them hope that in the darkness of the present dating climate, that men who really want a wife and know they need one, can do like I did, and find a wife overseas. I don’t care where you find one, I just want you to find one. I also like to emphasize that your time and opportunities are slipping away. That is just reality. Since I am married, I live in reality.

Hype? Maybe people have heard over and over again that a woman from the Philippines and other countries will use them for money, so just don’t let them do that. There is no shortage of videos about that on YouTube and common sense still goes a long way. Some men do get scammed, even women get scammed. The reason? Lack of common sense. Being too emotional. Being too anxious. I got married in only 54 days, but I wasn’t anxious, I was aggressive and knew basically what to expect in a relationship. I never bought into the hype from others; I wanted a wife, a companion for the rest of my life. A place like Christian Filipina gave me hope.

While I talk about certain differences that need to be dealt with in a relationship with a woman from another country, there are behaviors that will help or hinder or even ruin your relationship with ANY woman, and I dwell a lot on that. Having a channel about marriage means I have to invest a lot more time into material than in any other kind of relationship, and marriage is the best.

Age gaps don’t work? Some people scoff at the idea of an older man and a younger woman having a good marriage. That depends a lot on the older man and how he treats and respects his younger wife. I have a playlist called Younger Wife that has 24 videos in it now to teach you my perspective on this, since I also have what is called an age gap marriage (27 years). If you want it to work, it’s up to you, I will show you how. I do not want to see young women taken advantage of by selfish men, and neither do they, but sometimes they will put up with that for the sake of financial or perceived financial help. You can do better, maybe you can’t. it’s up to you.

You never hear about the failures I don’t have a list of all the failed marriages to Filipinas but you may be aware of some of them. I just try to tell you how to avoid being another statistic. I can only speak directly about myself and you are always welcome to leave comments on the uploads and chat when I do a live. I can say that when married, two of the biggest attributes of a failed marriage is being unforgiving and selfish. Not really earth-shattering analysis, but somebody needs to say it. I don’t think I hype marriage. Even with all its challenges it is still the most rewarding life.

Bob was lucky You might say that I was lucky. Bob strikes out in the United States for an unconceivable 30 years then strikes gold in the Philippines because he was lucky. He was rejected because he didn’t have what it takes, and some young Filipina is happy to take advantage of him. What I am espousing on Love Beyond The Sea works, but only on women who want to be married, any of them, but it isn’t always easy as I often remark in my videos and live streams.

What I did to find a wife is all there for you to see. It wasn’t luck. I didn’t quit, and many of you want to quit or make an excuse why you can’t marry someone. If your mind is made up, I can’t help you, so this channel will be hype to you.

All woman are the same This way of thinking is not one I hold to, unless we are talking about basically all women wanting a strong leader to protect and provide for them. If things look bleak where you are, you can go where you’re wanted (GWYW) to find a suitable wife.

It’s all about the money This is another stereotype. All the money in the world isn’t going to keep a woman with you if she is not treated right. The men I know who are married to a woman from the Philippines aren’t rich necessarily, and often both work. It is probably rare for a quality Filipina to demand you work and she stay home. If you have a child together, well, that’s different. I would say it is more about generosity than having a ton of money.

Hope? I can start with myself as exhibit A of someone who was alone for 30 years, which was the amount of time I spent seriously looking for someone to date and marry. I had no idea it was going to prove so elusive. I joined Christian Filipina and was married in 59 days. It took me 54 days to marry my wife, proposing on day 18. I was 53-years old. I’d like to think that would make some men hopeful. That isn’t hype it is reality. There are many men like me who are married to women from other countries and do you know why? They wanted to get married and didn’t consider quitting. Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. If you don’t have hope, then you won’t pursue someone from another country or even nearby.

Age Gap There are so many men who have a younger wife from another country. In my videos, I try to help you to realize how valuable this is and because of that, how much you should appreciate the woman who marries you. You can have a younger wife, I do, but there are things you should know as I referenced earlier in the Younger Wife playlist. It may be that all the Fil-Am couples I know here have an age gap marriage.

I am realistic On Love Beyond The Sea I am realistic about the challenges you will face, that’s true for any marriage; Filipinas are no different. I want mine to last and my channel is designed to that end for others as well and I think I go into more detail than anyone else. There is always risk involved because you aren’t going to know everything about each other when you get married, but you shouldn’t have to. Be committed no matter what. You’ll continue to open up and learn about each other over time.

Good women still want to marry If I was hyping the Philippines then I would make it sound like a sure-fire thing; anyone can go there and automatically with little effort talk to a beautiful Filipina and get married where she is or where you are. You have to do some homework, ask good questions, get good advice and you can minimize the risks involved. Good women across the world still want to marry for obvious reasons. That isn’t hype, I think that is reality. It’s also reality that if you don’t ask someone to marry you, then no one will. It’s reality that if you completely lack confidence, then you won’t pursue someone very far in order to find a wife. I hope this channel can give you some confidence with a Filipina or any woman.

Long before, many years before I sought to marry a woman from the Philippines, I heard that Filipinas made great wives, in addition to being very beautiful. That wasn’t hype, any more than my marriage is a mirage. I don’t even think you absolutely need to look outside your country if you are looking for a decent woman but looking at another country opens up a world of possibilities, and that isn’t hype at all, it should give you hope, which is what I endeavor to do here on Love Beyond The Sea.

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