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Men Take The Brown Pill Find a Wife Overseas

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1-The Brown Pill is essentially deciding to not give up, and to look for a wife in a foreign land, on foreign soil. Brown being an allusion to the color of earth and denotes that a man is willing to look for someone in another country, another part of the earth. The man who has taken the Brown Pill decides to break new ground, doing something completely different than he has done before, which is international dating.

2-The color brown is also a neutral color. The Brown Pill, as I define it, is a neutral, more logical, perspective or mindset than the blue, red and black pills. They are an extreme way of looking at things. The Brown Pill is a neutral solution as it is neither burying one’s head in the sand, being ignorant of the challenges facing people trying to get married today, or going to the extremes of the red and black pill perspective, which is counter-productive to finding a real relationship. The brown pill is level headed and still open to success. It isn’t panicking, it isn’t denigrating women, it still believes love is worth looking for.

3-The color brown is typically associated with the seasons of fall and winter. This is significant because by the time a man thinks he has exhausted his options where he lives, his own land, he tends to be a little bit advanced in years. He is in the fall and winter of his life, so to speak. He has lived most of his life but is not content to be alone. He wants his life to end well, he knows he is getting older, making it even more important to find love.

I think the Philippines is a good place for a man who has taken the Brown Pill. The Brown Pill is believing a wife can be found in a foreign country, avoiding the extremes of the other pills, and is often entered into in the latter half of a man’s life.

Taking the Brown Pill requires more effort than usual, but it is an exciting pursuit. I had no idea how I was going to cure loneliness but after thirty years of not being able to find a wife in America, I took the brown pill, and realized that I could find love even at age 53.

Here are some of the features:


A good wife who is not affected by western ways, who can be much younger than in the west, who are not as demanding as western women. Best of all, they provide good companionship. And to think how long I was single because I hadn’t thought about taking the Brown Pill. Filipinas aren’t as materialist as western women and are generally easy going and good-natured.

Can take at any age-I was 53 when I married, and recently met with a gentleman who was 79 and his wife just arrived from the Philippines. A man at work recently found his wife there when he was 37. The main active ingredient-Womanly, feminine love and companionship and kind of old fashioned. Isn’t that what we all want?

Where to buy-Some say the best kind is in the Philippines, although they are scattered all over the world.

Beware of counterfeit pills-One must be on alert for counterfeit or scam Brown Pills, because they do exist. There are women who know they can prey on men who have grown disillusioned that they can find a good woman to marry and can take advantage of his need with her beauty. If you get scammed with empty Brown Pills, it will be bad for your health, so only buy from a reputable dealer. Mine was the website Christian Filipina.

Cost-I would estimate eight to ten thousand dollars to travel to meet her, stay in the Philippines, immigrate her with all the fees, and fly her to your country. However, there is a high cost for being alone to be considered.

No side effects-If you take the right brown pill there won’t be any unwanted side effects. Proven track record of efficacy-I know of three men at work who took the Brown Pill and two Filipinas at work whose husbands took the Brown Pill. I know others here too. Men have been doing this long before I was born.

There have been no recalls-Many times I have heard the phrase “My Filipina is the best thing to happen to me.” These men are very glad they took the plunge, and pursued a woman from the Philippines.

Won’t soon run out of supply-I have detailed on Love Beyond The Sea how fatiguing it was getting to be, searching through the vast amount of profiles and try to chat with the many women who wanted to get to know me.

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