"A Man From the Shadows Of The Internet"

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the enigmatic Mr. E, written by the enigmatic one himself in his own words.

Why All The Mystery?

The reason is simple, I'm a very private individual and value my privacy. I do not do this for fame or fortune, but rather to help men find fulfillment in their relationships. Therefore, their is no need to reveal my identity or qualifications to anyone. The most important thing is my message to you the reader/viewer resonates and that the information I provide is valuable to you.

 Your Bob, Aiza or (Insert X person) Your Not Really An Anonymous Source

Incorrect, while it will be impossible for me to quell the conspiracy theories surrounding the true identity of me. Bob has never met me. He does not know what I look or sound like. Nor does he know my name. I am also not any professional vlogger or youtube personality writing under a pen name. I do not have social media and never will. Anyone claiming to be me is a fraud.


Why Do You Help Bob and Love Beyond the Sea? Why Not Make Your Own Site?

Simple. There is a lot that goes into running a website, from maintenance to more importantly developing content. Doing it this way removes a lot of the burden in developing content and I can focus on other pursuits. Due to other commitments, I simply do not have the time to run my own site nor develop the amount of fresh content to keep people interested. I feel this would be a disservice to readers/viewers. I only write when I have something to say and it provides value to readers/viewers. As to why I chose Bob over someone else; a lot of it has to do with his values. Like him I'm a pro-marriage and take a strong stance being pro family. Other than that I enjoy his commentary.




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