My Filipina Wife is the Strong One

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I have come to realize my wife is a stronger person that I am. She looks like a lamb but has the heart of a lion!

I am more emotional, which doesn’t make me weaker, but I am impressed with her composure.

We watch movies and she blots my eyes! Her childhood was harder, in the Philippines.

She had to learn to be responsible being in the Philippines; being the main provider.

An Ethiopian man at work told me women from the Philippines are more mature than here, and I see nothing to disagree with.

Being more emotional I tend to rant and rave, while she is able to calmly tell me to be patient and not lose my temper.

Sometimes she tells me what to say to someone when I am upset. She isn’t a complainer and thinks one day at a time while I think well ahead to her future.

Many times she has told me to enjoy the day and not worry about tomorrow, reminding me God will provide.

She will help me grow as a person. Don’t underestimate a Filipina. She may be God’s instrument to help you in life and to be the man God wants you to be.

You don’t have to be rich, superman or have Hollywood looks, just be a one woman-man.

Don’t underestimate the strength of your Love Beyond The Sea!

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