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One for the Ages (Age Gap with a Filipina)

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Many are interested in a younger woman. (even 20-30 years younger) This has always been and will always be, if it can be had. Average age difference in USA is two years. I married a younger woman. That was a goal after realized that it was possible. Unlike American dating sites, many, not all, Filipinas want an older man. My wife’s age bracket she was looking for was 30-55. Seen as more mature, stable, better provider, more faithful.

They are not intimidated or uncomfortable with an older man. They don’t want you to act like you are a younger man, unless you are one! Might want you to dress nice, not old, but wants a mature guy. Benefits-sex, able to work in latter years, healthy, energy to do things that are needed,energy to have fun. Aiza is smarter than I am, different skills. Potential negatives-need to meet her need for intimacy, you will decline physically before she will (how will she react to this?). Will you be able to trust that she won’t be unfaithful to you? It is up to you to decide if other’s jealousy and gossip and criticism will be a negative.

If someone she doesn’t know well asks her my age, she tells them to ask me. I have introduced my wife to all the important people in my life like my doctors, friends, pastor, financial advisor, family, etc. and have not heard any negative talk. Something that invariably comes up is having things in common, as in, what could you have in common? My response to that is to find things in common.

For us, we like to travel, which I didn’t know I would like since I didn’t want to travel alone when I was single. I wanted to experience new things with a wife. In fact, it was often depressing. We both like music and I am taking a liking to Filipino songs. They have some outstanding singers in the Philippines! My wife shares her favorite performers with me. Now and then we will watch TV together, like a love story or mystery movie. She has gone to some sporting events with me and I am hoping she will be able to learn about football. So far all she understands is “touchdown!”.

A Filipina is fully aware of the dynamics later in life. She will value someone who can love her and give her a better life even if that means the back end will be different sooner than later. Your focus should be on your role of provider and protector and spiritual leader. Major in those things, they will be more important later in life. I don’t have any regrets about marrying a younger woman. It has been everything I hoped it would be! You absolutely can marry a younger woman on Christian Filipina. Learn to be a great husband, be unselfish, forgiving, die for her, cherish her.

Enjoy your health and your wealth while you can with your Love Beyond The Sea.

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