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Our Proof Of Relationship and Visa Interview

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The immigration process requires some proof that your fiancé or marital relationship is not a fraud. Marital fraud is big business. We used Christian Filipina’s visa service and they helped make sure we had what we needed. Here is what we included

My wife printed transcripts of chats we had from Skype and Viber. I don’t know how she did it but it was many pages long so we had to pare it down. I tried to have a page of pertinent dates like any early conversation, when I proposed, chats about our families, chats about wedding and travel plans. You only need 10 or less pages of communication, so we wanted it to be relative. We probably included Christian Filipina screen shots since that’s how we met. I probably included a screenshot or two of us webcamming, likely using a camera. If you are married you’ll want to have the pastor in the photo with you. It is easy to have a fake photo but it is more convincing to have a photo of both of you with the minister of the wedding. The particular forms you need (on-line or use CF visa service). Pertinent receipts such as hotel/condo where I stayed, Manila Embassy receipt (if I had one), I might have included a copy of my appointment. Receipts from wedding purchases, wedding list, etc.

My pastor wrote a letter for the Embassy stating his knowledge I had been seeking a Filipina wife and keeping him informed along the way. He wrote a note saying that he can be contacted if someone needs to ask him questions concerning my wife and I. An email from me to my pastor saying after only day twelve, that I was considering proposing to Aiza. You will be asked by Homeland Security to fill out other things as the process continues. I printed a lot of questions from the internet on how to prepare for the visa interview and we practiced from time to time. My wife was very concerned she would be asked a question that she couldn’t answer, making it look like our marriage was fraudulent. She memorized my mom’s name and address, my aunt’s name, cousin’s name, where I worked, my address in the states.

The interviewer can be as hard or soft as they deem necessary. If they sense some deception, they can ask you the color of the walls in your honeymoon room, how the furniture was arranged, which side of the bed your spouse slept on, seemingly insignificant questions to gage how quickly and confidently you respond. Her interview took about five minutes with two question-are you going to work in America and what does your husband do? June 4 to December 3 approximately from priority date to Manila interview, which is short.

Be prepared and you will soon be with your Love Beyond The Sea.

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