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Podcast Episode 100: How to Make Future Plans with a Filipina-Important!

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It is clearly important to have basic knowledge of the Filipina you want to marry or have married, and it is important to have commonality in important areas and having good relationship skills is a must. If a couple aren’t on the same page for their future plans, that needs to be worked on.  I have heard it said that a team is only as strong is its biggest weakness.  If a foreigner marries a Filipina, they may have a lot going for them, but if their weakness is their future plans being the same, that would spell trouble. Does this make sense? 

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All the communication, adjustments, travel, meeting the family, visa paperwork and fees.  You tell yourself it is all worth it when you are together, and that’s true. Eventually the bloom comes off the rose and the usual challenges of two sinful people show up.  We all go through that. As I say that, I think how many couples end up not even having a future as the relationship gets short circuited due to any number of things, one of which could be your future plans not being in sync. Naturally, when you marry a Filipina it will be a while before the topic of future plans really becomes urgent.

I am not sure exactly how important it is to talk about that when dating because you are usually focusing more on the present and the immediate future and it is possible you haven’t thought that far ahead. 

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