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Podcast Episode 104: Am I Part of the Philippines Vlogging Community?

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Since starting the YouTube channel Love Beyond The Sea on Valentines Day of 2018, I have kind of struggled with how I should market it. After seeking marriage for an astounding 30 years of the prime of my life and been found wanting, in 2015 I found what I was missing and what I had been searching for-marriage!

The woman I married in less than eight weeks from the other side of the world, the Philippines, is still my wife today and I believe we will be together until one of us dies. Yet, even I am not sure that qualifies me to be part of the Philippines vlogging community.

That could be a good thing or a bad thing. This channel is about making marriage great again. Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea and it may help you decide if you want to pursue marriage or if you want to go your own way. I think the Bible makes it clear marriage is the absolute best for almost all men and women. My impression is that there are basically two types of Philippines vlogging channels on YouTube and they are the sexpats and the families who are basically displaying their daily lives on their channels.

The former is fraught with drama and the latter is mostly drama free. I do think that there is a stigma about the community, namely because of the preponderance of sexpat channels. I won’t name names, if you are aware of the scene, then you know who I am referring to.

There are a small number of channels that attack the sexpats, are not married, and do not offer relationship advice, so that is out there too.

I will talk about whether or not I fit into that mold.

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