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Podcast Episode 109: Age gap Concern? How People View Us in Public

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I am making this podcast to accommodate a viewer request.  They asked for a video to address the perception of people when we are in public due to our large age gap.  Whether we are in America or the Philippines, my wife has never made a comment on how anyone has reacted to us in public. If I had a camera I’d be interested in people’s responses, or maybe not, it wouldn’t affect our marriage one way or the other.

Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea, the channel that wants to make marriage great again. I go into a lot of detail because this is a channel for higher Fil-West education, and you should be prepared for what married life with a Filipina is like. Honestly the only observation I have is from the Philippines, and that is on the third time I was there.  Only then did I perceive anyone even looking at me, and that was in the mall we usually went.

There were a lot of people there, and not all that many foreigners, but I did notice some men looking at me with Aiza nearby. For all I know, the reason they were looking was because I was a foreigner, not that I was with a Filipina.  I would describe the looks as a pensive stare. The kind that makes you feel like you are being scrutinized a little. When we met with her friends, some of them married, all were polite and friendly, I felt like I could talk to them, nothing was out of the ordinary.

But what about here in America, is it a different story?

Where have we been out in public? Find out now by listening to the podcast.

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