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Podcast Episode 113: Big Decision with my Filipina Wife-Love Her or L$st Her?

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You know those tv shows where people are making decisions on getting an upgraded house, keeping their current one, doing renovations? My wife likes to watch those with my mom and the other day when I was curled up with her (my wife), I had the idea to consider if maybe I should do something similar with her. Subscribe to Casting Beyond the Sea and Love Beyond the Sea videos on YouTube, and get the best insight into marriage with a Filipina. This is higher Fil-West education at exactly no charge to you. Subscribing on Podbean will give you insight you won’t find anywhere else.

My wife likes the show Love It or L$st it. There’s a lot of drama sometimes. Moving from one place you’ve been comfortable with to another place and kind of starting over again, is a big decision to make. You don’t want to suffer buyer’s remorse, so how do you make the right choice? Watching this program got me thinking about what I would do with my Aiza if I had the choice.

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Smooth Lovin by Kevin MacLeod

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