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Podcast Episode 126: Make Financial Decisions TOGETHER With Your Filipina Wife

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The topic of money, or finances, comes up frequently in regards to a foreigner and Filipina relationship, especially marriage. After marriage, many people want to know about a man’s obligation to his Filipina wife’s family. I have covered that in previous videos so today I want to look at a different financial angle, that is about including your Filipina in financial decisions. I think a wise man does that. Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea to hear many podcasts about many aspects of foreigner and Filipina life.

This is higher Fil-West Education; I’m going to tell you the things you need to know. The longer I am married the more I can learn and share with other men who want to pursue a Filipina. To pursue you may need to go where you’re wanted (GWYW) or risk nothing changing.

It would be simple to decide that since you have made most if not all of the money that you possess as a married couple, that you and you alone should be the one to make the big financial decisions, and I agree with some of that, but I think it would be a mistake to not learn what your wife thinks.  I believe that a wife should be a helper to her husband, and she is able to provide him a different perspective at times, that he would do well to listen to.  He is still responsible for their decisions and I think he makes better ones when he takes into account what his Filipina has to say. In other words, he needs to listen to her.

What are some examples? Listen to the podcast and I will list some.

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