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Podcast Episode 128: No Arms No Legs No Excuses Why Are YOU Still Single?

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Today I am going to share some links with you of a remarkable man named Nick Vujicic that should be incredibly inspiring to all men who feel they no longer have hope of getting married. In fact, Nick’s handicap affected far more than relationships. If his story doesn’t inspire you, then you may be beyond hope. He made no excuses. He was born without arms or legs. He, like most of us, realized he wanted and needed a wife.  He is 38 now, having married at 29, and has a lovely wife and four children, thus having achieved his biggest dream. And you? Naturally he has become one of the world’s most sought-after public speakers and I will have links below for you to see videos of his remarkable story, so you can learn from it.   Nick Vujicic Talks Dating, Marriage & Family  True Love Story in Real Life -Nick Vujicic and His Wife Kanae Miyahara  Singleness Life Without Limbs

Nick Vujicic SPEECH - MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO - 2016| Never give up| Nick's life without limbs

Inspiring man born without arms or legs - Nick Vujicic | 60 Minutes Australia

The Prison of Fear | The Nick Vujicic Podcast (Episode 02) Incredible Love Story Nick Vujicic  Article for video upload about Nick Vujicic

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Night In Venice by Kevin MacLeod Link:
Smooth Lovin by Kevin MacLeod

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