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Podcast Episode 130: A Sexless Marriage is Inevitable Get it While the Getting is Good

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I'm going to be hitting some topics from a longer upload I made in response to an article called Sex-free marriage anyone? Welcome to the new trend for the wokeys: marrying your best friend. Would you want to sign up for that? I don’t think this is marriage at all. People have been trying to modify or make an idea of marriage that suits them even though it goes against the grain of what has been the norm for a very long time, say the beginning of time. Today I want to continue to talk about sexless marriage but not intentional sexless marriage. Make no mistake about it, when you marry, sex is an obligation. It is also a great pleasure and gift a husband and wife give to each other. We should also be mindful that eventually “the thrill is gone”, do you agree?

Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea where I talk not just about marriage practically but these days I feel the need to talk about just what marriage is. I will have some links to recent videos I’ve done to that end. I want to make marriage great again. Here is a statement from an article you can find in the description box-

“Call me a cynic, but don't most marriages end up sexless anyway? Passion fades, adoration warps into irritation and, just give it seven years or so, a trip to a divorce lawyer is pretty much inevitable.”

The author has a rather depressing view of marriage. You know what, eventually, if we stay married and live long enough, neither person will desire it much compared to their youth (another reason to get married as fast as you can). But I get the impression the author is assuming that even before those days come, couples will be so combative that neither will even desire sex with the other. Maybe they are thinking about what happens after childbirth and children to be responsible for.

As for most marriage ending up sexless, desire and ability does wane with age. That is something people should factor in when thinking about how long they are willing to wait to be married.

Listen to the podcast for my thoughts on the importance of experiencing meaningful sex (marriage) while you still can.

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