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Podcast Episode 197: Guys Don’t Get Set in Your Ways

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I try to share with others what I have learned in almost 7 years being married to my Filipina wife. Today I want to talk about why the foreigner, who may be a lot older than the Filipina, should not become set in his ways. Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea where I want to be as helpful as I can to a man looking for a wife from the Philippines. Being set in your ways will not help your relationship with anyone, perhaps especially a woman from the Philippines where people have to be able to adapt.

For many years people have thought I was regimented, and being single until I was 53 when I married my dream Filipina, if anyone was set in their ways, it was me. While I was single it didn’t matter to me. Since I had been unable to get a relationship going, I was content to do what I did, without much variance. That was fine with me but something that needs to slowly be changed, not necessarily eliminated, when married, especially to a Filipina.

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