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Podcast Episode 48: Having Realistic Expectations of Marriage to a Filipina

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Successful will always require give and take. It may be best if you do most of the giving early on, to set the tone. As a man I am to lead my marriage and that may include doing more giving than taking.

  1. Don’t expect her to be ok with you spending a lot of time doing what you used to do when you were single. She didn’t come that far away to spend much time alone. When we are single, we have to occupy ourselves but when married I think the Filipina needs to see and experience that her husband is going to prioritize spending time with her.
  2. There could be some conflict because initially she is likely to want to keep in touch with home a lot, and that’s natural since she is so far away. It can be a bit of a balancing act to want to show her how special she is to you, while she is in the early stages of being homesick.
  3. I told my wife from the start that I would do all I can do defer to her wishes. We have been married since May of 2015, so I have had plenty of time to show her I am serious. We go where she wants to go on vacations since she wants to see what is in our surrounding area. We went to Paris in 2017 for our second wedding anniversary because I wanted her to experience something she would never forget.
  4. I cut my hair since she thought it was too long, I have allowed her to pick nice clothes for me to wear, if she thought she had to have something I bought it for her. She will have the clothes on her back and in her suitcase and not much else, so she is going to need you to provide certain things for her until she is able to make her own money and deferring to her desire to work is a big thing to her.
  5. Don’t expect her to eat brown rice. Don’t expect she will react with joy when you tell her that white rice isn’t healthy and brown rice or black rice is better.

    I have many more practical things to consider to please tune in to the podcast Having Realistic Expectations of Marriage to a Filipina.

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