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Podcast Episode 51: How I am Falling more in Love with my Filipina Wife

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Even before I married my Filipina I told her that true love wasn’t based on feelings or how two people were getting along with each other. I wanted to take care of this woman and meet her needs and show her love.  What I didn’t expect was that I would develop such strong feelings for her but it is possible that is what happens when a man totally commits to a woman, even if they have not had the typical length of time to get to know each other.

My wife knows if she needed my eyes I would give them to her and that I would die for her.  I try to defer to her as much as possible, which I also let her know after we were engaged. It isn’t all as serious as that though.  For over five years now together in America I occasionally observe things about her that make me fall in love even more with her, and I am talking about in an emotional sense this time.  Here are the ones I can remember…


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