Casting Beyond The Sea Podcast

Podcast Episode 52: Respecting the Profound Sacrifice your Filipina makes for You

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Something that’s easy to get overlooked once your Filipina fiancé or spouse has arrived in your country is the fact that she has departed the Philippines and that is a very emotional time for her. I will try to help you see things through the perspective of the Filipina, because that will help you greatly to relate to her, especially early on.

After being married to my wife I met on Christian Filipina for 5.5 years, I am increasingly in awe of the sacrifice she made to be my wife.  It is difficult to put into words since I can’t relate to her experience and I’m not sure I’d be able to deal with it the way she has. We are planning on retiring in the Philippines and even have a home there, but sometimes the thought of leaving America causes me some stress. It is only natural when leaving all your familiarities.


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