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Podcast Episode 57: Useful Activity and Social Media Transparency in Marriage to a Filipina

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When your wife or fiancé just flew halfway across the world, she will likely have a severe case of homesickness.  That’s one aspect of leaving home, but another is usefulness.  The last thing you both need is for her to be alone with a lot on her mind and missing home. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Helping her find a job is maybe the best way to keep her from being bored. I helped my wife find a job through a temporary agency, now she is full-time.  It also helps her earn money for herself and her family.
Time with friends, although it may take a while to have some.
I thought about volunteering at church but she thought work would be better.
If you married the main breadwinner of the family, she likely won’t want to sit at home while you’re at work.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking she will be fine simply because she is not in the Philippines.

I will also talk about having social media transparency in your marriage with a woman from the Philippines.


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