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Podcast Episode 60: Is Marriage “stagnant and strict”? Thoughts from the Carl Lentz debacle

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I will read from an article about the particulars of this situation. Today I want to mostly focus on Ranin Karim’s comment that Carl Lentz might be having a midlife crisis and going on a “self-sabotaging journey” by way of getting into a “fiery relationship” after spending so much of his life in a “stagnant relationship” and a “strict place.” She is the mistress involved in this situation. I will also talk about adultery, which I haven’t done much on this channel.

This podcast is going to be different but it does deal with marriage, something I have said is the best thing there is, but it can’t survive making poor decisions. To Lentz’s credit he admitted his moral failure and at the end of this video I will read all of it. Infidelity is a very serious offense against your spouse and yourself and your spouse is not obligated to remain married to you; that is serious, very serious. For his sake I hope he isn’t ruined. While the high cost of infidelity is part of this sad story, and I will talk more about that, I also want to talk about the comment the mistress made.


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