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Preserving memories from the Big Day Fil-Am Marriage

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Although we hired a videographer in the Philippines to tape our wedding day, I have had trouble getting the DVD to work and have been concerned it just may not be able to.

Recently I went to a place to have the DVD video transferred to a better quality DVD and they also put it on a flashdrive. This allows me to watch that big day on May 10 of 2015 when I raced to the other side of the world to end a thirty-year quest to find a wife.

Because of the great sentimental value of that day, I wanted to make sure I could preserve it as long as possible and now I will be able to.

Filipinas make good wives because they have many good qualities. I married a woman from overeas and can carry this flashdrive around and relive this big day anywhere I am.

It takes a lot of work and some risk to marry a woman from overseas and with this new DVD and flashdrive I will be able to reminisce about the final product, however marriage is just the beginning of your adventure with your Love Beyond the Sea!

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