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The High Cost of Being Single-The Philippines Is An Option

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From the sound of it, more people are single than married people in the United States of America. They are getting married later in life than usual. In my opinion, this only leads to increased fornication and aimlessness and selfishness. Some people, like myself, desperately want someone to marry but simply haven't found them despite trying. My issue is with those that take advantage of women and refuse to commit to someone and those who have been beaten down by years of being alone and have given up.

I could have given up after being alone for thirty years before getting married, but I refused to give up even though admittedly I didn't see how I could get married. I remember telling myself that it is possible because with God all things are possible, but I didn't see how it could happen after all these years. Then, seemingly all of a sudden, I was married to a beautiful young Filipina who has everything I need in a wife. This took only 54 days despite us being nearly ten thousand miles apart.

I felt I had been ready for awhile. What kept me going was the verse in Ephesians that said that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power at work in us (paraphrasing). I had come to believe for me, this was finding a good wife. I had managed to avoid getting involved with the wrong women.

There are two places in the Bible Jesus teaches us to pray with importunity; to pray and not give up. This is seldom taught today it seems, perhaps because it sounds selfish or sounds like we are using God as a cosmic Santa Clause. The fact is thought, that the Bible says whatever we ask for, if it is God's will, if we pray in Jesus' name (according to his will), then we will have what we are praying for. I believed that praying for a wife was certainly God's will based on 1 Corinthians 7, Hebrews 13:4, Proverbs 5 and Genesis 2:18.

The Bible also tells us to be diligent and hard working. When the Bible says whosoever finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the Lord, the word finds means to find by looking. Those who have given up may have given up on God, then stopped looking for a spouse or stopped praying for a spouse.

When you believe like I did, that I am to pray in faith for whatever is God's will, then part of that is looking as hard as I can. Even with that, there are those who will tell you that that isn't being spiritual because you wouldn't be letting God work, but God wants singles to look for a mate. The men are to pursue while the women are to make themselves available. That is something that would make for a good video some day.

There is the MGTOW movement of men going their own way, and forsaking looking for a wife (not necessarily giving up on sex), and lumping all women into the same group as being evil. They have given up and to make it worse for themselves, are going the opposite way they need to, in order to become the type of man that a woman would want to marry. They will pay the high cost of being single for the rest of their lives.

Just by virtue of being single now puts a man and a woman in a dangerous situation due to not being able to have sex (the Christian way), and those that are living together but not committing to each other in marriage are only using each other. By remaining single, they are free to leave whenever things don't go their way or whenever someone better comes a long. Maybe this way they figure they won't lose half of their things but that may not even be the case.

I am sure it won't resonate with everyone and will make some upset, but I think it would be a grave mistake to give up looking for a wife, especially since men are to be the ones who pursue.

I had to go to the Philippines to marry, but it was sure worth it, to find my Love Beyond The Sea.

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