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The Honorable thing to do Honor your Wife

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Here are some more ways from another article I linked for you that I will run through and add my thoughts. I’ve been talking about how to honor your Filipina wife. Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for straight talk about marriage to a Filipina. Check out the podcasts on lvbts.com. I am currently reviewing a book by Tim Challies called Sexual Detox and I’d like you to become acquainted with that book and a link to the podcasts is in the description box. I also have a private consult link at the website.

This is a continuation of a previous video about honoring your wife and today I will list 15 ways to honor your wife from paulchappell.com and interject some observations of my own. I should say that honoring her does not mean she is perfect or is always everything you would like her to be, as she is only human after all. My point is that she, as your wife, deserves to be honored. Remember to go where you’re wanted (GWYW) to find a wife to give honor to, and live the best life possible in this world-married. You get what you give in this life; honoring your wife yields good benefits.

    1. Speak to her kindly.

If I speak harshly with her, that will come back to hurt me and us. Speaking kindly to her will make it easier for her to respect me.

    1. Do not discuss her weaknesses with others. 

I agree, this is the opposite of showing her honor. She should have full confidence in you that you won’t be telling others, things that should be kept private.

    1. Show interest in her projects. 

To me it doesn’t matter if it is sewing or something that doesn’t interest me at all, I need to honor her by taking an interest in it. The other day she showed me a cell phone holder she made out of a small bird feeder she bought. I complimented her on her ingenuity and reminded her how creative and resourceful she is. I have also taken an interest in the plants and flowers she has been growing.

    1. Do not ask her to view inappropriate images 

Again, listen to the podcasts on the book Sexual Detox at lvbts.com.

    1. Speak highly of her to your children. 

As you know, I speak highly of my Aiza, and if we had children, I would want a son to know how he should respect his mother and future wife someday, and if we had a daughter I would want her to see the qualities she should look for in a man she marries someday.

    1. Learn her likes and dislikes. 

In order to dwell with her according to knowledge, or in an understanding way, I need to be a student of my wife. Showing little interest in her likes and dislikes is not honoring her. My wife likes breakfast in bed once in a while-eggs and rice and almond milk. I admit, it is difficult for me to be acutely aware that on a day we are both able to sleep in, that it would please her if I did this, but that’s just something I need to do better in my Fil-Am marriage, being aware of her likes and dislikes.

    1. Learn her joys and sorrows. 

I agree with this. I should be able to anticipate situations that I know will make her happy or cause her sadness. I think it is exciting to think about how I can better understand her. This will sometimes involve me asking her questions.

    1. Do not demean her health situations. 

My wife didn’t ordinarily see the doctor back home but she married someone who thinks health issues need to be taken seriously and acted upon promptly. This is a great way for a husband to honor his wife, by taking her health seriously and encouraging her to see her doctor when needed. I found a women’s health center for my wife for someone to see on an annual basis.

    1. Remember her special days. 

As far as I know this is more important to me than to her. I still remember our “monthsarys” 17-4-25-26-10.

    1. Tell her what she means to you. 

It gives me great pleasure to tell her how much she means to me! I tell her she makes me a satisfied, fulfilled, happy husband and that no man has it better, while she tells me I am the best thing that happened to her.

    1. Tell her specific things she does that encourage you. 

My dream Filipina likes for me to look nice when I go to work so this is something I can tell her encourages me to look my best when in public.

    1. Do not treat her as a servant. 

Look for ways to serve her. Incredibly, Jesus said he came not to be served, but to serve. I believe in a servant-leadership model for my marriage, so while I maintain I am the head of the marriage, I will still honor her by serving her.

    1. Do not compare her to other women. 

If you feel the need to talk to her about something like this, you will need to be very tactful.

    1. Make sure she has immediate access to you. 

It shouldn’t be a struggle for her to contact you. I think in the article the author’s emphasis here is so that she can trust her husband sexually.

    1. Be accountable with your schedule.

I know I want to know if my wife is going to be late and where she is, not because I suspect her of cheating on me, but because I want to know she is safe.

Before I go, just remember we should honor our Filipina wives because of their position and performance as a wife, as one of the articles I will link in the description box taught me. It doesn’t matter if she is a young Filipina who had never worked before, or who had never had a serious relationship before. She might even be totally new to your country but as your wife is to be honored.

We’ve been married five years and I hope to have many more to honor my Love Beyond The Sea.

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