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The Real Reason Not To Send Money To A Filipina

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Much has been said about avoiding sending money to a Filipina you haven’t met in person and have a growing relationship with and today I want to give a reason that gets overlooked. Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for reasons why you should consider a woman from the Philippines and what I am learning about how to be happy together. Get notifications for upcoming videos by tapping the bell and I’d love to see your comments.

The common refrain is that sending money to a Filipina is a bad idea if you haven’t met in person because you have no idea if she is legitimately interested in you and may be stringing you along in a scam. Just being asked by the Filipina to send money could be interpreted as a red flag, and she very well may understand that once she gets a westerner to bite, then she’s got him hooked, and that’s my focus today.

When a western man has the capability to help her out with any sum of money, he is going to feel good about it, and he should, the thing is her motivation may not be to have a sincere relationship with him. Most of us can easily send money for a new phone or a tablet or more and make her very happy, but the addictive nature of doing this can become a problem.

I like to give, and had no qualms about marrying a Filipina who didn’t have much materially because I wanted to be a blessing to her. I know many other guys would feel delighted to help a sweet, beautiful Filipina in need. My wife was very careful not to ask me for money. This was back in 2015 but I remember her declining my attempts to send her money. This was because she didn’t want to start the relationship off with the impression it was about the money.

Did she need my help, could she have used it? Of course, but her point was always that if she had enough for the day, she would be fine. This was a little frustrating for me early on but I came to respect it. She had a job at the time. My wife isn’t the exception to this as I have seen other Filipinas with the same sentiments; they are not going to ask for money even if they would like to. It is more important to them to not come across as a potential scammer. She wants to make a good impression.

I have seen some Dr. Phil videos where people have been scammed for many thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars and it is fascinating. It probably produces some kind of euphoria or at least a high that needs to be maintained by giving even more money the next time, to show you are even more generous than you already have been. I think that is likely to happen after just an initial show of kindness.

As men it seems like that would be very appealing and if she shows happiness and more needs or wants arise, I can see a western man reaching deeper and deeper into his wallet to provide help to a Filipina that he may not even have met yet. I can see it getting out of hand fairly easily.

Part of this is the possibility that each gift to this woman in the Philippines makes the man feel more attached to her and then perhaps more responsible for her, and still they might not have met. Avoiding being scammed by not sending money too soon is one thing but it seems like some of us are susceptible to not being able to put on the brakes because of an addictive quality and a sense of responsibility that stems from a relationship that may not be as secure as the western man believes. Let me know what you think of this.

Giving monetary help is appropriate when a level of seriousness has emerged such as they are engaged or have met a couple of times over a couple of years and are only focusing on each other. In our case, and yes, we got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout, but I don’t recall sending her money until she would accept it, which started after we got engaged on line and I had my plane tickets to meet her and we had begun wedding preparations.

The whole idea of dating a Filipina is a surreal and exhilarating experience but there is a danger of giving too much money too soon in a relationship that hasn’t really proved itself yet. You might start and not be able to control yourself.

This won’t apply to all of us but to some others, be careful to not allow yourself to get addicted to sending money before it is clear they are your Love Beyond the Sea.

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