The Relative Importance of Family to Filipinas

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Many often live together under the same roof. They take care of each other Often the oldest daughter is the main wage earner It is appropriate to allow your wife to send money to the Philippines. You want to get to know them by name and ask about how they are doing I strongly suggest getting married in the Philippines. It is important for her family to meet you and for you to meet her family.

By being in the Philippines you will understand more about her simply by knowing what her surroundings have been like all the years she has been there. Example.-My wife’s mother didn’t’ want her to leave but the next year when she saw me again she was emotional and hugged me and said “Thank you for taking care of my daughter” Your wife will take to your family and friends I find it refreshing to see a culture that is family oriented. We are going on a big trip to Surigao when we visit the Philippines this June and I am really excited about it.

I will get to know even more of her family members and they will be able to know me.

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