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Thy Kingdom Come Part 1: Reciprocity and The Great Western Exodus - A Mr. E Commentary

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Greetings and Salutations, welcome to a very enigmatic video of Love Beyond the Sea. I am your host Mr. E

It has been awhile since you last heard my actual voice, in fact it
has been almost half a year. In that time many new subscribers have
joined Love Beyond the Sea. While many of you have heard my
commentary, many have not heard a video done by me.

For those who don’t know who I am, I am Bob’s anonymous source.
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are probably wondering why
I have been gone so long. Due to other commitments, I simply
have not had the time to make another video for all of you. Instead I
give written statements to Bob, with my commentary to read on my
behalf and to relay my message to all of you.

that all of the housekeeping is done. We will discuss today’s topic
which is part of a series called Thy Kingdom Come. In Part 1 we will
discuss Reciprocity and The Great Western Exodus.

men have often wonder why gender relations in the Western world are
so bad. While we all come up with different answers, in my opinion, I
believe the answer lies within the lack of reciprocity
on a
societal scale.

What we are witnessing in western countries is a violation of
reciprocity between the genders. As men operate under a ‘true or
false’ paradigm, while women generally operate under ‘approval or
disapproval’ arrangement. Truth doesn’t matter to women as much
as it does to the nature of men. When women who are presented with an
uncomfortable truths that portrays them in a negative light the
natural reaction will be to disapprove of said truth and act
accordingly even to the detriment of all that are under their

An example we can reference is through a video Bob did with my commentary called the The Zero Sum Game. If you have not watched it pause this video, open another tab, watch it then return to this video to gain a better understanding before proceeding in this video.

If we were to tell 40 year old women they are not optimal mates and they screwed up in their life choices they will generally disapprove. Truth be damned.

The problem stems from the consequences of their decisions made based
on the approval disapproval paradigm. This paradigm impacts everyone
in society. If their decisions only impacted them either in a good or
bad manner, in there mind there would be no violation of

In my societal observations, western women in
general currently approve of the societal circumstances currently
occurring because they benefit the most from it. The asymmetry in the
legal field, gender dynamics, social programs, and a hyper
consumerist culture to name a few. All of the factors are generally
favourable to women.

Western women will continue to
approve of the situation up until the point they don’t approve.
They only disapprove when the circumstance doesn’t benefit them.
What we are witnessing is their survival strategy. Western women as
they cross the threshold into their 40s have shifted from ‘approval’
to ‘disapproval’ and will now commence in shaming tactics,
manipulation, and tacit strategies to return to a situation that is
approved. Nowhere in the womens decision process is the question of
true of false considered and here lies the problem. The general
western population is realizing this and will eventually return to
the status quo that has been held for thousands of years and is
currently held in other countries beyond these western shores.

fact that women make decisions on approval and disapproval and not on
the basis of true or false is a major reason for the violation of
reciprocity that men in general are sensing. Violation of reciprocity
is parasitism, and a correction is due to come. We are all sensing
this will happen because too many people are talking about it.

men, our survival strategy is based in true or false, not necessarily
approval or disapproval. When there is an asymmetry of cost placed
upon men, we immediately sense an injustice, a violation of
reciprocity through natural law, and we either set out to amend the
situation or opt out. This is what we are seeing right now with men
going abroad to find wives or opting going MGTOW.

or consented transactions also known as cooperation must return to
our lives or our society will collapse.

We are all
generally feeling that this status quo doesn’t work and is
unhealthy, and men are beginning to deliberate the way forward. A
consensus will come about eventually, whether through opting out or
by importing better quality women.

society is strongest when men and women have roles that are
complementary to each other, rather than of an adversarial nature.

to popular belief that some commentators state; women are capable of
reciprocity. However reciprocity must be earned by the man by being
a good leader, it is not enough just being a man. Women are
followers, so as a man has to be a leader to receive reciprocity.

For individual men who watch
this channel we focus on the solution of finding a better quality
woman abroad. We choose to go abroad as traditional women still exist
there. Traditional women can’t exist without a traditional society
and upbringing. That is why we must go abroad.

By going abroad we are voting with our feet so to speak. With every
man that goes abroad he is giving a vote of no-confidence to the
current status quo of the west. He is taking his resources and
expertise away from those who do not share in giving him reciprocity
he deserves.

While the west
continues to attract the greatest merit and volume of immigrants,
almost every western man who relocates to Asia, Latin America,
Eastern Europe and even Africa gives a glowing testimonials about the
quality of his new life. This action also shrinks the number of
available men remaining in America.

The more unfair a
place becomes, the more we see talented people go elsewhere.

As time goes by and many men are shut out of the SMP many will look
overseas to find what they are craving in life; and that is a happy

That is when the Great Western Exodus will begin.

This concludes this transmission.

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