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When I began to consider marrying a Filipina, I only knew that I had heard they made good wives. I really didn’t have anything to go on as to why they made good wives. I knew I had long been attracted to their physical make up since I am attracted to their size and skin tone. You can’t base a marriage on that alone and since I have been married to a Filipina for almost five years, I have had a chance to learn up close and personal of the qualities that make a Filipina, the right one, a great wife.

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Some qualities they are known for are being respectful, cheerful, shy, hard-working, generous, resourceful and they love their families. I would like to focus a little on the quality of being unselfish. You may have heard how Filipinas support their families, unfortunately sometimes to their own hurt. We can debate whether or not it is from feeling compelled to do so, genuine love or a combination of both, but helping as they frequently do, does require a certain amount of unselfishness. I would appreciate comments from viewers about the ways they have observed the Filipina in their life be unselfish, to them, their families, to anyone. Here are some ways I have observed it myself.

My wife and I were able to get to know a Filipina at an airport in the Philippines who told us she was an OFW from Kuwait if I have that right. She confided how she had health needs of her own but felt like she owed it to her family to help them, which is likely why she was working overseas. She was not married. We must have caught her on a vacation. I tried talking to her to realize that if she didn’t take care of herself, she would not be able to help her family. I wonder if she even told her family about her own health needs.

My wife was even unselfish towards this woman. My wife is very good at knowing where to go at the airports, what to do next and where to go to do it, but this Filipina we had met apparently wasn’t. We had a lot of weather-related flight issues in what must have been our first time back to the Philippines together. The flights we were on got cancelled or postponed or delayed, whatever you want to call it, and she and my wife and I were among many people who had to make different plans.

I recall the airline telling us we had to buy new tickets to which my wife was furious. She marched into a counter somewhere in a special room to plead our case rather forcefully. She wasn’t interested in buying another ticket. We might have been trying to get to Los Angeles while the woman probably on her way to Kuwait. My wife demanded we not be charged and I think she advocated for this Filipina also. When hotel arrangements were made for a place to stay and food vouchers, my wife made sure she knew where to go and what to do.

The next day at the airport, my wife helped this woman to get to where she needed to be with her luggage and did all she could so this woman would not be charged for anything! Would every Filipina had done this, gone out of her way to help? I don’t know but I saw it firsthand, what my wife did to help this woman.

When I met my wife for the first time and married her, one of her friends remarked that Aiza would do anything to help a friend. I believe it. She helped her family in the Philippines by sacrificing for them. She has a great sense of responsibility. She has worked here in America for about four years and seems more concerned about helping her family than keeping any for herself. Initially she did buy some things like purses, watches, jewelry but since then has mostly focused on helping her family back home.

My wife pulls her weight around the house, helps with some bills, is just an amazing person and wife. You’ll want to observe qualities beyond physical appearance if you are going to marry a woman from the Philippines or anywhere else. Just this disclaimer, we are all by nature selfish, so I am not advocating perfection, just a general display of being willing to help others, including you.

Not long ago a Filipina was hired at work, and my wife contacted her as we had been told she and her husband didn’t know anyone yet. She introduced her to another Filipina that works in her department. I am very proud of my wife when she does things like this.

I almost forgot the time she bought a tablet for my mom and aunt for Christmas. My wife is very helpful to my mom who is 86. I am thankful for that.

She recently bought me a nice camera tripod she saw was on sale, it was one of the nicer ones. I had mentioned many months ago I thought I could use one and she bought me one at the dollar store that works ok, but on Thanksgiving she remembered and bought me an even better one. She resists me getting something for her, citing the cost and that she doesn’t need it.

I hope that my wife’s family appreciates everything she does for them.

I am sure I am missing a lot of other examples but another one is when she appears at all in a video for this channel, because she isn’t crazy about it. Eventually I had to tell her she doesn’t have to appear in them and I won’t ask her to, so anytime you see her in one, it is not her first choice and I’d like to think she did it because she cares. Once in a while she will ask me to include her in something like when she is cooking, but for whatever reason she prefers to not be in them. Make no mistake about it, she helps me with this channel.

These are some of the ways I see unselfishness from my Love Beyond The Sea.

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