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Podcast Episode 135: Arranged Marriage is Not All Bad-Pros of Arranged Marriage

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If you were struggling to find a wife, how would you feel about an arranged marriage? Would it matter who helped select that woman? If you trusted someone to arrange your marriage would you do it? How important would it be to you to know what she looked like? Do you know someone who you could trust to make a good selection for you?

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While this topic is arranged marriage, in writing this, once again I know I have said some things that will be quite unpopular but that’s tough. Marriage is tough work sometimes. This two-part podcast on arranged marriages will teach you more than arranged marriage itself, it will help show you how that relationship CAN work and if an arranged marriage can work, the traditional kind has no excuse. Article for today’s podcast,a%20family%20there%20are%20two%20types%20of%20relationships. Explanation of Genesis 2:24 Marriage Skills Matter More than Knowing the Filipina you Marry How Long Does it Take to Know a Filipina Part 1 How Long Does it Take to Know a Filipina Part 2

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