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Once I got married and could breath a huge sigh of relief after all those years of being single, there was still a major step in the process for us to be together, which was needing to satisfy the requirements for a spousal visa. A fiance visa is an option for those who will be getting married outside the Philippines. I don't even handle my own tax paperwork and I sure didn't want to make a costly mistake with this important phase to be alble to be together with my wife. I wanted our life to resume together as fast as possible.

The last thing I wanted to do was worry about not crossing a T or dotting an I, forgetting to sign something or check the wrong box and worry that my petition was going to be returned, then be corrected only to sit in a pile of paperwork or get lost. I had taken a certain amount of risk and spent a lot of time getting to know my wife, and of course I wanted us to be together as soon as possible. I did not want to leave this up to myself or someone else inexperienced with the subtleties involved.

Christian Filipina Asian Ladies Dating 780x90 leaderboard

So I enlisted the help of Christian Filipina. I paid them to avoid mistakes and delays because I wanted to be with this amazing woman as fast as possible. I had worked hard to get to know her, flew out to meet her, gotten married and enjoyed our honeymoon. I wanted someone else to be responsible for the visa process. In addition to not wanting to make mistakes and cause delays, I wanted to continue our relationship in the meantime without the stress of the visa, I didn't want us to be arguing about whether everything had been done the right way. That would not get our marriage off to a good start.

I encourage you to evaluate how Christian Filipina can assist you with your visa application from start to finally being together for good with your Love Beyond The Sea.

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