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Podcast Episode 154: What Places Are Special to You and Your Filipina?

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Something you want to establish with your Filipina is discovering some places you can go to now and then that have special meaning to both of you.  Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea if you are in a relationship with a Filipina or are on the fence, considering a relationship with a woman from the Philippines. I have been married since May of 2015 and can help you with the best thing in the world-marriage.

It is likely the two of you won’t have much in common considering the distance and often, the age gap, when you get married. That’s alright because by talking about what each of you like to do, the other one can be involved with that and might find that it can be a mutually satisfying experience. My wife and I have gone to some plays that she likes to see, which actually was enjoyable to me, and she has gone to some sporting events, but another thing to share with each other are certain places that have taken on special meaning. Of course, this will require a certain amount of time to accomplish as you spend time with each other and it might not start out as being something you will look back on as having special significance, yet it might.

Listen to the podcast for some of our favorite places.

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