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Podcast Episode 165: Young Men and Family Pressure to Avoid Dating Overseas

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At Casting Beyond The Sea and Love Beyond The Sea on YouTube I am an equal opportunity employer. While older guys have long been familiar with and certainly willing to go to the Philippines to look for a wife, I don’t hear much about younger men looking for good wives in the Philippines. I believe young men owe it to themselves to consider overseas dating if they want to avoid being alone the rest of their life. That sometimes comes with some pressure and resistance from family, which is what I want to address today. I will use comments I received from a concerned subscriber. He is going to talk about where this family pressure comes from and what a young man can do about it.

Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea and I can show you what works with a woman from the Philippines. I married a Filipina six years and five months ago and this channel details the many aspects of such a relationship you will encounter and I want to help it to go well. You hear me say GWYW now and then, which is Go Where You’re Wanted. For many young men, that very well might be the Philippines. I have a playlist I will link in the description box that has these four videos in it, so far:

How Can a Young Man Impress a Filipina?

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Should Young Men Join Christian Filipina?

The majority of men I communicate with are young guys in their 20’s and 30’s, so I know there is keen interest in finding love beyond the sea. Watch these videos for the reasons why a young man is an attractive option to a Filipina. Listen to the podcast for my subscriber’s comments, followed by mine.

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