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Podcast Episode 170: Age Gap Survey Philippines Yes it Matters!

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You have likely heard the remark that age is just a number when it comes to Filipinas and foreigners. It is expressed over and over but is it the way women from the Philippines really feel? We better look at that today, straight from the “horse’s mouth”. Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea to learn about managing a lasting marital relationship with a Filipina. I have about 850 videos and growing on the YouTube channel Love Beyond The Sea. I would like to ask Filipinas, when age is more than just a number, why is that so? What do you consider the downside to an age gap-relationship? When do you consider an age gap to be too much? I really am interested in knowing.

Myself, I am considerably older than my Filipina wife and have 26 videos in a playlist I will link called Younger Wife. With 850 videos, you know a certain amount need to be dedicated to this topic and today is no different, but this time, it comes from a survey. I will run through that and link it of course, and afterwards will add a few thoughts. In the link it does include how men feel about an age gap but I am going to focus on the women. Younger Wife Playlist

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