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Podcast Episode 185: A Filipina’s Parents Don’t Always Want Her to Marry a Foreigner

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I have started a playlist on my YouTube channel called Straight talk to western men about Filipinas to talk briefly about some aspects of a foreigner Filipina relationship that are overlooked. Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea where I have started a channel to provide encouragement and help to men seeking a relationship with a Filipina leading to marriage. You should go where you’re wanted, for me, that was the Philippines.

Have you considered how a Filipina’s parents might feel about her daughter marrying a foreigner?  It is possible that some families encourage this, which is unfair to the Filipina because she is not allowed to pursue a Filipino.  The family sees the foreigner as a way out of poverty or at least a way to put themselves in a much better position.  In this case the Filipina is being used.  Obviously, this is not a good choice for the foreign man because it isn’t of her own will and there may be more pressure than usual from her family to get money from her husband. Listen to the podcast for some reasons why you should not assume a Filipina's parents will be so willing to "let her go".

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