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Podcast Episode 186: Monetary Help to the Filipina’s Family IS a Requirement

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This podcast is about the frequently despised topic of sending money back home to support the Filipina’s family in the Philippines. Here, I will take the position that this is not only appropriate, but a requirement. Please subscribe to Casting Beyond the Sea and Love Beyond The Sea on YouTube for tips and advice on dating and marrying a Filipina and be sure to share this if you know someone else who has similar interests.

Someone will say “Aha, so you are admitting that the ONLY reason she married you was for your money, you’re busted!” I think it is healthy to accept that the main objective she has in marrying a foreign man is to provide help for her family who may be living in poor conditions.  That’s one side of the coin (no pun intended). Here is where the foreign man needs to be practical and unemotional. You were chosen or will be chosen, because you can help her and her family, by allowing her to work and even helping yourself. Why am I telling you this?  Isn’t this channel supposed to be encouraging men to seek and marry Filipinas?

It sure is. I am not going to sit here and say “Oh no, it is not a requirement to allow your Filipina wife to send back a good deal of her hard-earned money to help her family.”  I think it is a requirement if you are concerned about the health of your marriage! If you understand that her main objective in marrying a foreign man is to provide help for her family, then you shouldn’t have any trouble accepting that she is required to send money back home. I want you to brace for this inevitability. She also wants a nice man and is willing to bypass other options in the Philippines. Consider what you are getting with a Filipina wife.

You should know that a Filipina who has been responsible to help her family in the past, is very probably going to feel immense pressure to continue to do so, for who knows how long. You may feel strongly opposed to that familial pressure, but there is nothing you can do about it. To properly understand your wife, it is necessary to allow her to fulfil her duty to her family, because she is more or less burdened to do so. Deciding beforehand that you will not allow her to help at all would end the relationship promptly. Listen to the Podcast for more here on Love Beyond The Sea.

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